Red House Vivo 2016

LA ROCA, the legendary place founded by Pappo landed at Vorterix to introduce RED HOUSE, where all the greatest rock and blues musicians from Argentina gather every week. LA ROCA presented a unique event on October 5th 2016: RED HOUSE VIVO.


More than 40 musicians. Claudio Tano Marciello, Gustavo Chizzo Nápoli, Javier Martinez, Willy Quiroga, Andrea Álvarez, Cristina Dall, Andrés Gimenez, Ale Medina, Tete, Beto Ceriotti, Baltasar Comotto, Tanque, Claudio Gabis, Luciano Napolitano, Nico Raffetta, Beto Topini, Juan Ábalos, Walter Meza and many more. Before the ending of this magnificent night, the Manal trio surprised the audience with their presence on stage and played two of their most acclaimed songs: Avellaneda Blues and Jugo de Tomate.

The spirit and energy of RED HOUSE lived in a great show that gave a journey of rock and blues. Also the public enjoyed a Pappo´s exhibition: his guitars, his motorcycle, his amplifiers and different things of great emotional value.