Pista 2

Pista 2, led by Facundo De Vido, is a band formed in early 2009.

In its brief lifetime, this band has already had its first repercussions: their songs have played in several radios, they performed at La Trastienda and the Samsung Studio, and they took part in different music festivals, such as Pepsi Music and Quilmes Rock.

Their first record is called “Palpa Pega”. Its 10 songs take us on a tour of direct urban rock that evokes love affairs, longs for past times and sings about loneliness. This record was produced by Slide Thomas and has guest musicians of the standing of Pity Alvarez, Alambre Gonzalez and Bolsa Gonzalez. The band’s second record is titled “Infierno a La Carta” and has songs with crude lyrics and a more mature personal musical style. Daniel Colombres, Alambre Gonzalez, Claudia Leibovich, Silvio Marzolini and Lalo Torales participated in this second album.


Pista 2 presented its second record “Infierno a La Carta”, whose lead single is “Mi boca no es tu boca”, on December 5, 2011 at the Samsung Studio. For almost two years they promoted their fabulous album.