Tribute to Pappo

A Tribute to Norberto “Pappo” Napolitano was held at Tecnópolis on Wednesday, September 21, 2011. A walk down memory lane to pay tribute to Argentina's greatest rock and blues guitarist.

Great musicians of Argentine rock came together to pay tribute to Carpo. Among them: Black Amaya, Ale Medina, Michel Peyronel, Alambre Gonzalez, Miguel Botafogo, Luis Robinson, Beto Ceriotti, Tano Marciello, Nico Raffetta, Andrés Gimenez, Sarcófago, Nacho Smilari, Jaf, Andrea Alvarez, Cristina Dall, Jimmy Rip, Lisardo Alvarez, Chizzo, Tete and Tanque from la Renga.

With the constant presence of Luciano Napolitano, son of the mythical rock star, the stage became a parade of national rock legends.

After the projection of a video showing El Carpo playing “Blues Local”, an over 3-hour-long marathon of Pappo’s songs began. The Tribute, which was broadcasted by Rock & Pop Radio, included classics such as Auto Rojo, Sucio y Desprolijo, Blues del Banquero, La Voiture, Botas Sucias and Pequeña Ala, and ended with another of Pappo’s video clip, Juntos a la Par, and a standing ovation by the audience present.